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We only breed PUREBRED BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOGS and only for quality improvement and not simply to satisfy orders. Our pups are raised underfoot and are well socialised with people and other dogs by the time they leave with their new families.   All companion pups are sold with a non-breeding endorsement on their NZKC registration. This means we do not sell breeding stock, and we require that all companion pups are neutered / spayed by 12 months old. We believe that only the best pups in the litter should ever be considered for breeding and/or showing if the breed is to see ongoing improvement.  We are always undertaking a breeding to continue to maintain and improve the quality of the Schallenberg Bernese Mountain Dogs.  In this regard we are usually seeking a particular puppy to retain for our own breeding/showing program. 
When we talk about the quality of puppies they are often referred to as pet quality or show quality.  This is a bit of a misnomer because the only things that disqualify a Bernese from being shown at exhibitions are "ground colour other than black" (not to be confused with a brownish or grayish puppy coat) and blue eyes.  So when we are selecting for show quality we are really getting down to the finer details of the dogs conformation including structure, bone size, head shape and finally markings.  We must stress that you don't need to buy a show quality puppy to get a high quality puppy. 
Many well marked, well put together puppies leave Schallenberg for pet homes, but for us the most important thing is trying to match personalities with homes...  this cannot occur ot be confirmed until around 6-8 weeks of age so some patience is a criteria required of anxious puppy buyers. 
Our precious pups leave for their new homes at approximately 9 weeks of age and come microchipped, wormed, vaccinated and with a comprehensive guide to raising and care, pictorial pedigree history and ongoing breeder support, a years free membership to the Bernese Mountain Dog Club (NZ) Inc, and a puppy pack (consisting of a bag of food, blanket, bowl and toy).  We offer support, advice and guidance throughout the life of all our puppies and we would like to thank all of our fantastic puppy owners who share their lives with Schallenberg Bernese.  Your support and friendship continues to amaze and inspire us and we have made some wonderful lifetime friends.  We are responsible for every puppy we bred and we will always take one back should the need ever arise.  We vet our potential puppy homes very stringently to provide the best possible homes for our precious babies.
All of our dogs intended for breeding are hip and elbow scored, and they have all attained their NZ Championship title, so we know they all have superb temperaments. We believe that there are many factors when considering which dogs we wish to continue on with and we take all these factors into consideration when planning our next litter.  We do not breed for sentiment, but purely for ourselves.  Our dogs live within our home as treasured members of our family.
Sorry we have had a huge demand for puppies and as we only breed for ourselves, we do not always have puppies available.  We do not have a wait list as we already have a number or people waiting.  Please phone or email us and then we can arrange meeting you.  We then ask that you stay in touch.



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