New Zealand

Puppy Plans
If you are interested in a puppy, please phone and talk to us about adding a new puppy to your family.
Unfortunately there is a huge demand for puppies and we do already have a very long waiting list, we are however happy to discuss our plans or answer any questions either via email or phone. 
But please be aware that there is a wait for a puppy so please be patient and stay in touch. 

We do not sell puppies via email and when possible,
we like to meet with all prospective puppy families.


 Arizona x Otto puppies - 5 weeks
Sorry but we do not have any puppies available at the moment.





    (Dante x Otto puppies)
First born boy - 7 weeks 

Fat boy (Kobi) - 7 weeks
Teddy Bear - 7 weeks
Giselle - 7 weeks

and we will send you out our Puppy Questionnaire to fill in.


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