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Puppy Plans
If you are interested in a puppy, please phone and talk to us about adding a new puppy to your family, please do not text or Facebook Message.
Unfortunately there is a huge demand for puppies.  We do not have a waiting list, everyone who contacts us is asked to stay in touch so we can let them know what is happening, this way we know who is still serious about adding a puppy to their family.  We are however happy to discuss our plans or answer any questions either via email or phone. 
But please be aware that there is a wait for a puppy so please be patient and stay in touch. 

We do not sell puppies via email alone and we may not respond to text enquiries or messages to our private facebook page.  Whilst initial enquiry by email is ok, to be seriously considered for one of our puppies, we need to speak with you and most importantly, meet you.  When emailing us, please let us know a little about you, where you live and what you are looking for.
We only breed purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs so please do not ask about cross breeds.


 Arizona x Otto puppies - 5 weeks
Sorry but we do not have any puppies available at the moment.





    (Dante x Otto puppies)
First born boy - 7 weeks 

Fat boy (Kobi) - 7 weeks
Teddy Bear - 7 weeks
Giselle - 7 weeks

and we will send you out our Puppy Questionnaire to fill in.


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