New Zealand



Patriot - Intermediate of Group and Reserve of Breed

Sept/Oct - National Dog Show - well what an exciting week for the team down South with 5 shows - Idaho was awarded 3 x BOB, Patriot 1 x BOB and Intermediate of Group, Best Dog and Reserve of Breed at Nationals, Fergie BOB at Nationals, 3 x Best Bitch, Nevada 1st in Puppy Stakes, 2 x puppy of breed, Omellia 2 x puppy of breed.   

Fergie, Patriot & Idaho

20/21 February -  Auckland shows and Patriot picks up another JUNIOR OF GROUP award and his first NZ Challenge.

13/14 February - Horowhenua Shows and another hot weekend for the dogs - Idaho was awarded 1st place in NZ Bred Stakes and Patriot 2nd in Import stakes on Saturday - Sunday Idaho was Runner Up in Group/NZ Bred of Group and Patriot Junior of Group  and ROB under Mr Jonathon Marshall (Vic).

6/7 February - Tokoroa shows - and Patriot does it again - another Junior of Group under Mrs Nellie Abela (NSW) - Idaho is not coping with the hot weather and having girls in season!! 

30/31st January -Headed up to the Auckland Shows for the weekend - Patriot was awarded another Junior of Group under Mr K Young (UK) and his first NZ Challenge also taking BOB over Idaho. 

16/17 January - First shows of the year although we didn't enter the Sat AM show due to being home with the precious pups but made it for the second show - and Idaho was awarded BOB, NZ Bred of Group and then went on to win NZ BRED IN SHOW.  Patriot was Junior of Breed.  Sunday was stinking hot and I nearly scratched Fergie as she was not herself but decided to see how she went - she did not like the heat.  Idaho was awarded 2 x Best Dog and Reserve of Breed and Patriot 2 x Junior and 1 x Junior of Group - all under international judges.  Was pleased to get home to the precious babies who have all grown :)

9th January  - Decided to enter Idaho in Dog Of The Year even though we qualified the previous year - thought we should represent the breed this year - had to buy a pretty dress for the "High Tea" and so thankful for a good friends - Michelle for coming to my rescue and taking Idaho and I up to Auckland after someone didn't stop at a Give Way and smacked into my van before New Year.  In our first heat we ran off against a Pointer and a Pomeranian and won, our second heat was against a corgi and we were knocked out but we had a great time and Idaho looked amazing :)

8th January 2016 - After a restless night and crawling under a tree into a big dirt hole which I had to drag her out of, I decided to take Delta into the vets for a c-section as we knew she only had the 2 pups and were worried about losing them.  Delta has 2 gorgeous girls who are doing great and she has helped Sienna with one of her boys who was a bit smaller then the others so fighting for the milk bar - poor girls are exceptional mums and happy to help each other out.  Patriot is very pleased with himself :). 

2nd January 2016 - After a few restless days Sienna finally decided to have her babies before she popped - she now has 5 boys and yes 1 girl :) - all are doing great and she is such a good mum - sadly this will be her last litter.  Poppa Memphis is very proud of himself.

5/6th December- Last shows of the year over in the Hawkes Bay - a lovely relaxing weekend with awesome friends :) - Saturday Idaho was awarded BEST OF GROUP under Mrs L Harris and Patriot Junior of Group.  Idaho went on to win NZ BRED IN SHOW under Mr B Harris - Sunday Patriot ended the year on a high - JUNIOR OF GROUP  under Mrs Fay Harris (Tas) & JUNIOR IN SHOW under Miss Pauline Suhr (NSW)  - awesome - love this boy to pieces and so proud.  Now a bit of a rest and waiting for puppies to arrive in the New Year - exciting :) 

28/29th November - Local shows - yah - but I had all 6 entered so fun mission bathing :) - Saturday in the Non-Sporting Utility show under Mrs Annette Bowe (NSW)  Patriot was awarded JUNIOR OF GROUP, Idaho Best Dog & ROB, Fergie RB & Open and Brooklyn Puppy - Delta placed second which wasn't bad considering she is out of coat.  
South Taranaki and Patriot does it again under Ms H Tee (NZ)  - JUNIOR OF GROUP and reserve dog, Idaho ROB.  Sunday Idaho was awarded BOB in both shows, Fergie ROB & BB, Patriot Junior and Brooklyn 1 x Puppy - not a bad weekend and no driving :) 

27th November - HAPPY 5th Birthday to Memphis - wow can't believe

21/22nd November - Decided to head to Auckland for the weekend - Saturday under Ms C Loft (NSW) Idaho was awarded another NZ Bred of Group and BOB, Fergie was ROB & BB and Patriot Junior - Idaho also was awarded 1st place in the NZ Bred stakes :) - Sunday Fergie was ROB and BB and Patriot Junior.

14/15th November - Wairarapa Show weekend - Fergie was awarded 2 x BOB, 1 x ROB and 3 x Best Bitch, Idaho 1 X Best of Group under Mr Brett Thompson (NSW) and then went on to win NZ BRED IN SHOW under Mr Wayne Burton (NSW) - sadly Patriot had hurt his foot so he just rested for the weekend and McQueen was home with his dad.

31st Oct/1st Nov- Taupo shows, only took the boys as all the girls decided to come into season!!!  Saturday show under Mrs B Balaam (QLD) McQueen was BOB with Idaho Reserve and Patriot Junior.  Idaho was then awarded NZ Bred of Group under Mr K Buxton (USA).  Sunday under Mrs J Armatys (QLD) Idaho BOB, Patriot Reserve and McQueen Intermediate, then Idaho was awarded Reserve of Group & NZ Bred of Group under Mrs D Buxton (USA).  Another fun weekend with great company and great food.

27th October - Happy 2nd birthday to Sienna's first litter of 11 to Cooper - Oscar, Colin, Duke, Zola, Tia, Lola, Mila, Bernie, Bailey, Juno and of course our own Mr McQueen (love my little Womble).

24/25 & 26th October - SWISS SHOW - this was a show combined with the Saint Bernard club where we had Mr Ken and Donna Buxton (USA) judging - Donna did the Saints and Ken did the Bernese - we had 52 entries - amazing.  The saints were judged first with Gary & Sue's gorgeous girl Billie winning BEST IN SHOW, then the Berners - we had 6 entered although I wasn't sure about showing Patriot as I had McQueen in the same class.  After a quick lesson I let Chris show Patriot as McQueen is used to me showing him.  There were 4 in our class and the judge couldn't decide between McQueen and Patriot but McQueen was 1st with Patriot 2nd - very happy.  Then Idaho went in for NZ Bred and won his class.  Then the dog challenge - a nice line up of boys - Idaho was awarded Best Dog.  Lisa then showed Delta for me in NZ Bred and was placed 2nd - she looked amazing and went well, Sienna was entered in Brood Bitch and she loved it - she was placed 1st.  Then it was Fergie's turn in Open - she was playing up a bit but she soon settled down and won her class - now the bitch line up and again a great line up of girls - Fergie was awarded Best Bitch.  So it was a run off between Idaho and Fergie - Idaho was awarded BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW.    Then it was the Match with Idaho running off against Billie - we did not know the results until the dinner and Idaho was awarded BEST OF MATCH - a great day, well organised show and a lot of laughs - and great to have Chris there as well! 
Sunday we travelled over to Tauranga for the shows on Monday - the AM show Fergie was awarded BOB, Patriot was Junior of Breed and Brooklyn puppy, Idaho was NZ Bred of Group.  PM show Fergie was Reserve of Breed and Best Bitch.

2nd/3rd/4th October - NATIONAL DOG SHOW - OMG what a weekend - under Mr Adrian Bosa (Argentina) - Idaho BOB, Fergie ROB, McQueen Reserve dog and Junior, and Brooklyn Puppy of breed, then Idaho was awarded BEST OF GROUP - wow what a feeling,   Idaho and Fergie both in finals for NZ Bred stakes.  Sunday morning the nerves started kicking in, Chris was on his way back down after doing a day trip to watch us on Saturday.  NZ Bred stakes were first and Fergie was placed 5th - she went like a dream for Gary.  Then as BIS got closer I could feel the nerves, Chris arrived just before we went into the ring - the feeling was electrifying - Idaho was on fire and responded to the cheering and clapping.  Had him all staked up and the judge was looking down the line up, the announcer came on and said - BEST IN SHOW FOR THE EUKANUBA NATIONAL DOG SHOW 2015 IS AWARDED TO THE BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG - INCREDIBLE and yes the tears then started, I was shaking.  A huge thank you to everyone for their lovely comments, congratulations, text messages, FB postings, FM messages, emails and phone calls - on CLOUD 9 - NOTHING CAN BEAT THIS FEELING.   And to Gary, Sue, Lisa and of course Chris - THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING!!

2nd October - Patriot has arrived safe and sound - a huge thank you to Veronique for letting this gorgeous boy come all the way to New Zealand from Canada.  He is such a sweet boy and just gorgeous - Lisa and I got a lot of cuddles and he in turn got a lot of hugs.  Can't wait to get him home!!

1st October - National Prelude show - Fergie BOB, Idaho Best Dog and then Fergie was awarded BEST IN GROUP under Bernadette Lawton (Melbourne)

5th/6th September - Huntly shows - Saturday Idaho Reserve Dog and ROB, Fergie Best Bitch.  Sunday Idaho BOB and Fergie ROB, and Idaho winning NZ Bred of Group under Mrs Julie-Dickinson Franks (NSW). 

29th/30th August - Rotorua shows - Saturday Fergie BOB, Idaho ROB, McQueen Reserve Dog and Brooklyn puppy with Fergie going on to win BEST IN GROUP AND OPEN IN GROUP under Mrs D Riley (NZ).  Sunday was wet and miserable so only showed Idaho and Fergie - Idaho was BOB and Fergie Best Bitch with Idaho taking NZ Bred in Group under Mr D Wilkinson (NZ)

1st/2nd August - Upper Hutt shows Saturday - AM Show Idaho was ROB, McQueen Reserve Dog, Fergie Reserve Bitch and Brooklyn Baby Puppy of Group under Ms J Hamilton, PM Show saw Fergie BOB, Idaho ROB, McQueen Reserve Dog and Junior and Brooklyn baby with Fergie taking Intermediate of Group under Mrs D Paterson.   Pencarrow shows on Sunday - AM show -Idaho BOB, Fergie ROB and Idaho going BEST IN GROUP/NZ Bred in Group under Mr Steve Schwerdt (SA) - PM show Fergie BOB, Idaho ROB, McQueen Reserve Dog and then Fergie going INTERMEDIATE OF GROUP  under Lyn Carleton and then onto INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW under Mr Steve Schwerdt (SA).  Another great weekend!

26th July - Happy 6th Birthday to Tycho, Rose and our own Arizona - sadly Sam did not get to see his 6th birthday and our thoughts are with his family who miss him very much.

4/5th July - Four show weekend - and yes it was raining all day Friday!!  But another great weekend - sadly Bug had to stay home as I could tell she was coming into season at the Auckland shows - drives Idaho CRAZY!!!   So McQueen got bathed although I am not sure he was too impressed.  Idaho was awarded 2 x Reserve of Groups, 2 x BOB, 3 x Best Dog,  McQueen showed his little heart out - so impressed with how he went and he won 1 x Best Dog, 3 x Reserve Dog - he is certainly maturing nicely.  Brooklyn did try to show herself - escaping from her holder and coming into the ring when best dog was being judged, again she didn't put a paw wrong and some wonderful comments about her movement.   Now for a couple of weekend off!!

27/28 June - Decided to head up to Auckland and do some shows, along with catching up with good friends.  And what an awesome weekend - Fergie was awarded Reserve of Group under Mr Chris Woodrow (QLD) who also awarded Brooklyn Reserve Bitch (and had some lovely comments about her) and in the second show Fergie was BOB and Idaho NZ Bred of Group under Mrs Kay Eldred (NSW). 

30/31st May - Wellington shows and wow what a weekend - so proud - Fergie wins 3 x Intermediate of Groups and 1 x Intermediate in Show, in one show Oscar (McQueens brother) wins Junior of Group, Fergie Intermediate of Group and Idaho NZ Bred of Group :) - Fergie and Idaho shared the Best of Breed and Reserve of Breed results - winning 2 each.  And Oscar was awarded a second Junior of Group - thanks to Ashleigh for handling him.  McQueen sat this weekend out - he wasn't happy about staying home.  Brooklyn had her first indoors show and wow does she remind me of Sienna - just loves the show ring and is such fun to show!! 

17th May - A HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY to Lucca and Shelby (Vevey x Hudson) - sadly a few weeks before their 12th birthday we learnt of the sad loss of Max and Wilson - are thoughts are with Judi and Danny as we know how much these boys meant to you.  Also remembering Ruby, Moss, Indy, sweet Monty and our own Dakota.

9/10 May - Hawkes Bay shows and it was Brooklyn's first show weekend - she has already experienced camping and being at shows although she is still not to fond of the car ride in the beginning - she is such a delight to take away and such a good puppy.  Idaho was awarded 3 x BOB, Fergie 4 x ROB and Brooklyn won 1 x Baby Puppy of Group out of a gorgeous line-up of lovely puppies - she has her mother's attitude in the ring and reminds me so much of CC.   (photos to come)

11/12 April - 4 of the pups headed off to start their new lives with their new families.  This litter was full of characters who were all very confident and kept me on my toes, finding their way into the paddock and going off exploring.  2 more are heading off next weekend and then I will be introducing our newest addition - Brooklyn :) - such a cutie.

29th March - Napier Kennel and Idaho and Fergie did great picking up Best of Breed wins but it was McQueen's weekend winning 2 x Junior of Group awards.

14th March - Only did the Saturday show at Wanganui and Idaho was BOB with Fergie Reserve on Sunday Oscar received another challenge.

7/8th March - Hamilton this weekend - yes its show time!!  Fergie was awarded 2 x BOB and 2 x INTERMEDIATE OF GROUPS, Idaho 2 x ROB and McQueen 1 x Junior of Breed.    Monday was Taranaki Anniversary so time to take down the whelping box and put up the puppy pens!!  Pups are 4 weeks old and getting cuter by the day!

28 Feb/1 March - Hawkes Bay shows - IDAHO takes another BEST IN SHOW at the Hawkes Bay Non-Sporting/Utility show - sadly it doesn't count towards his Grand Champion title.  He also received a BOB and ROB over the weekend, with Fergie receiving 1 x BOB, 1 x ROB and McQueen was Reserve Dog in all 3 shows.  Another great weekend :)

14th February - Yes I am CRAZY - got up at some ridiculous time on Saturday morning to drive to Levin to show under the US judge - well it was totally worth while - Idaho RESERVE OF GROUP/NZ BRED OF GROUP/BOB and Fergie INTERMEDIATE OF GROUP/ROB - didn't enter Sunday as I was on puppy watch but Oscar (McQueen's brother) was ROB and Best Dog - closer to his champion status.

8th February - Sienna whelps 9 puppies - sadly the last boy wasn't breathing even though Chris worked on him for over an hour and then we lost one of the girls in the first week but we have 7 healthy gorgeous pups - 2 boys and 5 girls - sorry but we have a waiting list for pups so they do all have homes.

7/8th February - 4 shows in Tokoroa and Bug had to stay home :( - Idaho managed 1 x BOB, 2 x ROB and 3 x Reserve Dog awards and McQueen 1 x Junior of breed - but we were keen to get home on Sunday as Sienna decided to have her pups early :)

31st January/1st February - Well another great weekend - 4 shows in Auckland with a good entry of Bernese - Saturday AM show - Fergie BOB, Idaho ROB, PM show Idaho RESERVE OF GROUP/NZ BRED OF GROUP/BOB and Fergie ROB, Sunday AM show Idaho RESERVE OF GROUP/NZ BRED OF GROUP/BOB and Fergie ROB, PM show - Idaho ROB - the fur kids showed their hearts out in very hot, humid conditions.  McQueen was out for the weekend as I didn't enter him due to his shaved tummy.

17/18th January - Well what an exciting start to the show year - 4 shows at Ashurst and Idaho was awarded 1 x BOB, 3 x Best Dog, Oscar 1 x Junior of Breed, McQueen 2 x Junior of Breed but the BUG was on fire - 2 x BOB, 3 x Best Bitch, 1 x RESERVE OF GROUP/INTERMEDIATE OF GROUP and 1 x BEST IN GROUP/INTERMEDIATE OF GROUP - so proud of the fur kids as it was very hot but they all coped well. 

7th January - Well more exciting news - Sienna has been confirmed pregnant to Idaho - pups due beginning of February - HAPPY DANCE

6th January - Well not a great start to the year with poor McQueen having to have his tummy shaved and a nasty barley grass removed - it had embedded itself under his skin and was swollen and horrible - luckily our vets found the nasty seed and it was removed - he was a bit sore last night but happier today.  BUT we also got some EXCELLENT news - we decided to xray McQueen since we were knocking him out and his results have come back - 1:1 hips and 0:0 elbows - Aust Grade 0, Int Grade A2.  So very pleased :)

6/7th December - Last shows of the year over in the sunny Hawkes Bay - and wow what a way to end the year - Fergie was awarded both Best of Breed awards, McQueen was Junior of Group on Saturday and on Sunday Fergie was BEST OF GROUP AND INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW - both judges had lovely things to say about FERGALISIOUS - so proud!  Idaho was at the show in body but not mind - he was more interested in the girls so his focus was not on the show ring - silly boy!!

So to end the year - all 3 SCHALLENBERG kids proved themselves in the show ring - on Dogs On Line - Idaho was the National Breed Leader - Show Dog of the Year and Fergie was # 5,

Fergie was # 1 Best of Breed with Idaho # 2 and

Rising Star # 1 was McQueen and # 2 was Fergie - not bad considering we don't show every weekend

I could not be prouder of what all 3 have achieved in 2014 and the amazing wins they have all had - a huge thank you to Julie for letting Idaho come and stay and make my dream come true with his BEST IN SHOW win.  Looking forward and excited to see what 2015 has in store for us!

29/30 November - Taranaki shows so no travelling - yah - and what another awesome weekend we had - 4 shows and 20 Berners entered (although a few scratchings).  Fergie is awarded Best of Breed in the first show on Saturday with Idaho Reserve of Breed and Best Dog.   Second show Idaho Best of Breed and Delta Best bitch with Fergie taking reserve, McQueen was Junior of breed.  Sunday Idaho Best of Breed, Fergie Best bitch with Delta taking reserve, McQueen Junior again and also JUNIOR OF GROUP and Fergie was awarded INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW - Mr Robert Harbin (NSW) said some lovely things about our dogs.  Sunday afternoon Idaho did it again - Best of Breed with Fergie taking Best Bitch and Delta reserve, McQueen was awarded Junior of breed - a great weekend for the Schallenberg team :) - thanks to Lisa Hardegger for showing Oscar and Delta - she looked awesome!  And YES Sienna is finally in season :)

Idaho winning BEST IN SHOW - Fergie Reserve of Breed

under breed specialist Lyn Brand (Branbern Bernese NSW)

15/16th November - Wairarapa show weekend and WOW what can I say - so proud of the Schallenberg kids - AM show under Breed Specialist Lyn Brand - Idaho Best of Breed and Fergie Reserve of Breed, then Idaho went BEST IN GROUP and Lyn was judging In Show and yes the boy did it - BEST IN SHOW - totally blown away.  PM show and Idaho was Best of Breed and Fergie Reserve of Breed, then Idaho went NZ Bred of Group and McQueen's brother Oscar was awarded Junior of Group.  Sunday McQueen was awarded Best Dog (another challenge closer) with Fergie going Best of Breed and then onto BEST OF GROUP - what a weekend (despite the horrible wind). 

18/19th October - Ruahine shows - only entered Saturday as it was Chris's birthday on Sunday - Fergie BOB and Idaho ROB, McQueen Puppy and then I helped show Sophia (Julia's girl) and won Junior of Group - lovely girl!  Sunday Oscar (McQueen's brother) was BOB and Sophia ROB - gaining her 8th challenge to become a NZ Champion - Congratulations Julia and Margaret. 


11/12th October - Tauranga shows and we nearly didn't go as unfortunately Fergie had caught a bug after Nationals and had a high temperature and the runs and I wasn't well either - a few early nights curled up in bed together and we were ok to hit the road with the team and some company this weekend with Lisa and Dotti as well.  Forgot I was towing the trailer and ended up with a speeding ticket :( to start the weekend.  But WOW what a lovely venue in Katikati for the shows.  Saturday Idaho was Best of Breed, Fergie Intermediate of Breed and McQueen Puppy of Breed.  Fergie then placed 4th in NZ Bred stakes.  Sunday Fergie was BOB and went on to win Intermediate of Group.  Idaho was Reserve Dog and McQueen Puppy :).  Great company and a fun weekend.   

Sadly we lost our precious kitty cat - Simba on Saturday - she has been in our family for approximately 17 years and has seen many Berners come and go - Run Free Simba - we will miss you xx


1-5th October - Well our National week didn't get off to a great start with Idaho only being awarded Reserve Dog at both the Prelude and the Auckland Nonsporting/Utility and Fergie only awarded Open Bitch and then Intermediate of Breed but we were hoping for better results under the International Judge - and to say I am proud as punch is an understatement - Idaho was awarded BEST OF BREED and Fergie RESERVE OF BREED at the National Dog Show under Mr P M Podesta (Argentina) with possibly one of the biggest National entries for some time - 26 Berners - we had huge support and a massive thank you to Gary for handling Idaho for me so I could concentrate on McQueen and Fergie.  I was also proud of McQueen as he wasn't so sure of the crowds but he settled down and went well - although he was happy to get back to the van at the end of the day.    Also congratulations to Lisa winning Junior of Breed with Dotti :).

6/7th September - WOW what a weekend for the Schallenberg kids - Huntly shows - 19 entries on Saturday (2 shows) - Fergie wins Best of Breed and Idaho is Reserve of Breed and then goes on to take NZ Bred of Group, McQueen is awarded Puppy of Breed.  Second show Idaho wins Best of Breed and another NZ Bred of Group, Fergie Best Bitch and McQueen Puppy of Breed.  Sunday (17 entries) - Idaho Best of Breed and a good look at for Best of Group, Fergie Reserve of Breed and McQueen, Puppy of Breed - very proud of the kids :)

CH Montreux of Schallenberg - Monty
30.11.2001 - 8.8.2014

8th August- Today was a day we have been dreading but we knew in our hearts it was time to say goodbye to our sweet sweet boy Monty - never an easy decision but we did not want him to suffer and after 12 years and 9 months we knew it was not going to be easy.  Monty has left a HUGE hole in our household, he was such a gentleman, always smiling and keeping the others in line - he might have been the smallest but he was BOSS (or so we let him think).  Monty was the first puppy born under the Schallenberg name, and I knew the moment I saw him I wanted to keep him, even with his overmarking.  He attended the club Garden Party in 2012 and he just cruised around, saying hello to everyone - he had a blast.  He also loved carting and cuddles and he won many a puppy buyer over with his sweet nature and soft big brown eyes.  Run free my sweet boy - you will always be in our hearts and thank you for the wonderful memories - XXX

And our thoughts are with Dave & Pip in the sudden loss of Koa - Run free sweet girl :( - and to Dave & Linda (Australia) in the sad loss of Bella  (litters sisters to Dante).

McQueen - Puppy of Group - August 2014

Thanks Supashots for another great photo

Fergie - Junior of Group - August 2014

Fergie - Junior of Group and McQueen - Puppy of Group - August 2014

2nd/3rd August- Well a great weekend despite the weather (gale force winds and horizontal rain) and four of us in a caravan!  4 shows - Fergie won 3 x Best Bitch awards, 2 x Junior of Groups and not to be outdone, McQueen was awarded 2 x Puppy of Group awards - so proud of the Schallenberg kids :)

12/13th July- Well a great weekend - did the Auckland shows and had Idaho back in the show ring - he was awarded Reserve Dog in the AM show and Best Dog in the PM show.  Fergie was on fire - Best Bitch and Reserve of Breed in the AM show and Best Bitch and Best of Breed, and then short listed for Group in the PM show, and not to be outdone - McQueen was awarded Puppy of Group at the PM show - this did mean staying for In Show judging on Sunday but a great day spent with good friends. 

5th July- Well a bit of a mixed day today as sadly I had to scratch Fergie from the 2 shows - on Thursday we had a huge frost and the deck etc was like an ice rink.  Fergie must have slipped and hurt her shoulder and by Thursday evening she was very sore.  Lucky I had some anti-inflams on hand and she was better on Friday.  I bathed both her and McQueen and headed off to Porirua but on Saturday she was still not 100% so I decided to scratch her (even though she still wanted to be groomed and fussed over).  McQueen was Best Dog and Reserve of Breed in the AM show and Oscar Best Dog and Reserve of Breed in the PM show.  Saturday night Fergie got to sleep on the bed with me and we had a lazy Sunday morning - think it has helped as she is much better and will be ready for the show ring next weekend :)

29th June - Today I drove down to Wellington to see Idaho's pups with Fig and help Mark & Kathryn pick a puppy to keep - wow very impressed with the pups - narrowed it down to 3 boys and 2 girls but there was a boy that kept catching my eye.  Congratulations Mark & Kathryn on a great litter and your new addition - Bond - look forward to seeing him in the show ring.  And happy that some of my puppy people who have been waiting patiently for a puppy now also have a new addition.    And a huge thank you to Julia for being on hand to help when needed :)

CH Schallenberg Blaze of Glory - Emmerson

2 March 2007 - 11 June 2010

11th June - Today 4 years ago my heart was shattered into tiny pieces when we lost our beautiful boy Emmerson - slowly I have managed to put the pieces back together but there will always be a piece missing - miss you each and every day my sweet goofy Emmy.

McQueen after his bath - looking like his mum Sienna

Fergie after her bath

31st May/1st June - Another great weekend - Wellington shows and Fergie takes 2 x Best of Breeds and is run for group, and McQueen is awarded a Puppy of Group - caught up with Oscar, Zola and Juno (McQueens siblings) and also Sam (Arizona's brother) - a huge thank you to our puppy owners who come and see us when they can - love catching up and seeing how the pups are growing.  Also to Becks and Mark for helping show Oscar.  And to top the weekend off, got to see Fig x Idaho pups - GORGEOUS :)

29th April - A sad day today and our thoughts are with Melissa, Fred and family on the sad loss of Rudy - so soon after celebrating her 11th birthday - Run Free Rudy xx

17th April - A HUGE HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY to our Vevey x Hudson puppies - Wilson, Lucca, Max, Shelby and Rudy and remembering Indi, Moss, Monty and our own sweet Dakota xx

10/11th April - Hawkes Bay shows and Fergie wins 1 x BOB, 2 x ROB, Delta won 2 x RB and McQueen 3 x Puppy awards - another great weekend with great friends.

3 April - Exciting news - Idaho is a daddy!!  Fig whelped 11 puppies with 5 boys and 5 girls surviving - can't wait to see them.

Also attended the Kawerau shows - great venue and great fun camping with great friends - Fergie was awarded 1 x BB

April - Well I was lucky enough to attend the Bernese Specialty in America again this year - the fourth one and again it was amazing.  Some gorgeous dogs, wonderful people and awesome friends.  Had such a good time catching up with old and new friends.

We are also thrilled to announce Memphis's scores - contrary to malicious rumours his scores are:  Elbows 0:0 and hips 1:2 - Aust grade 0, International Grade A2

29th/30th March - Hawkes Bay shows (4 for the weekend) - Fergie was awarded 2 x BOB, 1 x ROB, 3 Best Bitch and was given a good look at for Group on Sunday afternoon, Idaho 1 x BOB, 1 x ROB, 2 x Best Dog awards, Delta was awarded 1 x Best Bitch  and ROB and McQueen won BABY PUPPY OF GROUP on Sunday afternoon.  Could have scratched Fergie and made Delta up but would rather she got there with competition - 3 more to go :).  Another great weekend with wonderful friends.   Sadly for me, Idaho has gone back home to his mum & dad but he will be back out and about over the year.  Not long till I head off for the American Specialty - can't wait although I will miss my fur kids.

22nd/23rd March - Local shows and Saturday Fergie was Reserve of Breed and best bitch with McQueen winning Baby Puppy of breed and Idaho Reserve dog - Sunday Fergie went Best of Breed and then JUNIOR OF GROUP, Idaho Reserve of breed and best dog and Delta Intermediate of breed so not a bad weekend - spent with great friends :)

9th March - Bernese Mountain Dog Club Specialty Show - Judge:  Michael Leonard (Ireland) - well what can I say, my little Fergie Bug does it in style - BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW - wow to think how this little bug came into our lives and what she has achieved already is a thrill (at only 18 months of age).  Michael just loved her and said she was STUNNING - not sure who was grinning more- Fergie or me.  McQueen was awarded Baby Puppy In Show, Idaho won NZ Bred dog, Delta Intermediate Bitch and Arizona (first time out in ages) was placed 2nd in the Open Bitch class - not a bad effort by the Schallenberg team.  Also a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my good friend Lisa Hardegger - Dotti winning Reserve Bitch - not bad for two young girls :) and also to Julia & Margaret with Bissy's VETERAN IN SHOW - he rocked the ring even after all he has been through - so thrilled for you.   To Gary and Sue for staying behind and helping me show dogs - you guys are awesome and to everyone for their support, kind comments and congratulations - THANK YOU

9th March - Hamilton Kennel Association and Idaho goes Best Dog with Fergie winning Reserve of Breed

8th March - Hamilton Kennel Association and Idaho does it again - NZ Bred of Group, Fergie is awarded Reserve Bitch and Junior of Breed with McQueen winning Baby Puppy of Breed.

2nd March - Today we celebrate our Summer x Denzel litter turning 7, - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Essie, Koa, Freya, Bella, Wilma and our very own precious girl Dante.  Always remembered O'Malley, Daisy and a very special boy taken too soon - Emmy - missed each and every day.  I didn't tell Dante she is now considered a veteran though!

1st/2nd March - Central Hawkes Bay shows and WOW what a weekend - Idaho was awarded another Best of Breed, then NZ Bred of Group and then went on to win NZ BRED IN SHOW - very proud, Fergie was awarded another Best Bitch and Delta got a Reserve of Breed even without coat, McQueen was awarded 2 x Baby of Breed.  A great weekend with great friends.

15/16th February - Horowhenua shows and the Schallenberg kids do it again - Oscar (McQueens brother) was entered on Saturday - neither boy made the cut for Baby Puppy Stakes but McQueen was 1st in his class with Oscar placed 2nd - not bad for his first show.  Idaho was awarded Best of Breed over Fergie who went Reserve and this also gave Idaho his 8th Challenge meaning he can now be known as CHAMPION SCHALLENBERG I AM GIANT - not bad for a dog who has had limited showing and won most of his challenges against imported top winning males.  Sunday Idaho was awarded Best of Breed again, Fergie Reserve of Breed and McQueen - Baby Puppy of breed - judge kept commenting on McQueen's bone and what a lovely puppy he is.

8th February - Tokoroa shows on Saturday - picked up Idaho on Friday from Julie as he is back for a holiday for a little while - 2 shows and Idaho is awarded Best Dog in both shows and then won a Best of Breed over Fergie who won 2 x Best Bitch awards and 1 x Best of Breed and got a run for Best in Group, as did Idaho who then was awarded Intermediate of Group - and then McQueen's first show and he is awarded BABY PUPPY OF GROUP - so proud of our Schallenberg kids!!

January 2014 - Delta's x-rays are in - Hips 1:1 - Elbows 0:0 - very pleased.

18/19th January 2014 - First shows for the year and had the 3 girls entered - Sienna, Delta and Fergie - decided 2 was enough to handle so left Delta at home, I had bathed Sienna up and she was dropping coat but we thought we would get one weekend of shows in before she is completely bald.  Fergie won 2 x Runner up of Breed, and 2 x Best Bitch awards under International Judges on the Saturday gaining her New Zealand Championship Title.  Fergie has been awarded 7 of her 8 challenges with stiff competition (beating 2 of NZ's top winning bitches - granted Sienna is out of coat).   Sienna's first show for a while and she ran into the ring with a big grin on her face and I am sure saying - I AM BACK - she loved being back out there even if she didn't win! 

McQueen - 8 weeks

31st December - HAPPY NEW YEAR and we look forward to seeing what 2014 has in store for us.   Fergie certainly did me proud in 2013 - ranked No 1 Bernese Mountain Dog Rising Star (Dogs On Line NZ) , No 4 - Utility (North Island) and No 17 All Breeds - the comments from other exhibitors and judges has been amazing.  Idaho will definitely be out more in 2014, and Sienna is looking forward to hitting the ring again, along with Delta and of course McQueen.  A huge thank you to our dear friends who have shown us loyalty and support in 2013 and of course to Gary who is always available to lend a hand in helping me show the team.

Puppies playing

27th December - Today was going to be hard - Colin (green boy) and Zola were heading off to their wonderful families so the nest was going to be very quiet.  But I couldn't ask for better homes - Bon & Al have had Berners before and after being so devastated with losing their precious Annabelle, to see the smiles and tears of joy on their faces when they meet their boy was heartwarming.  Zola has gone to Wellington and I will be seeing a lot of her.  It has definitely been hard to see these pups go and I miss them dearly but we could not ask for better homes and we now have an even bigger extended Berner family.  The smiles,emails & texts we have received from the new owners has been overwhelming.  Thank you all for your kind comments and welcome to the Schallenberg family.

Colin in his new home with his buddies Izzy and Louie

26th December - Today was a hard decision, as we had to choose which boy we were going to keep - Chris already had a soft spot for Sloan (purple boy) but I just wasn't sure - this litter was so consistent it was difficult to make a choice and I was tempted to keep Zola as well but we made the decision and now we have a gorgeous boy - McQueen - can't wait to see how he does in the show ring.  Oscar is down in Wellington with our good friends John and Julie who had Moss from a previous litter from us so we know he is in great hands.  Now there is 3 :(

25th December - Well we now only have 4 pups left - so we took them to my sister's to spend Christmas day and hang out with their dad Cooper - don't think he was too impressed and Sienna soon told him who was boss but they had a great day.  We would also like to wish all our friends, family and extended Berner family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS 

24th December - Today we said goodbye to Lola (Torres) as she headed down to Dunedin - unfortunately due to flight issues Rebecca had to drive to Christchurch to pick her up but she arrived safe and sound.

23rd December - Today we said goodbye to Mila (Yang), Tiaki (April) and Darcy (Bailey) as all 3 girls headed off to their new homes for Xmas - 3 more very happy and excited families. 

22nd December - Loki has come to stay for Xmas - this is his third Xmas with us and he loves running with the girls.  Today we also said goodbye to Juno (Little Grey) who has gone to live in Wellington with her lovely new family, and we flew Bernie (Izzie) and Duke (Alex) down South - it was a sad goodbye but I know they are going to wonderful families.

21st December - Kobi celebrates his 3rd birthday along with his litter mates - Loki, Teddy and Giselle - I cannot imagine life without Kobi - he is what we say in the Berner world - 'my heart dog' - and he is always by my side, listening to my stories and giving me that reassuring look that everything will be ok - Love this boy so much.   

7/8th December - Last shows for the year in the sunny Hawkes Bay - felt weird leaving the pups with Chris but I knew they would be fine.  And what a great weekend - Idaho won 2 x Best Dog awards and a Best of Breed (also getting a run for Group), Fergie won a Best bitch and reserve of breed so one more to go for her Championship title - and all (but one) against great competition.  Idaho only needs a couple more but I was so proud of him this weekend - he looks AMAZING (thanks to Gary for showing him for me).  Sadly Idaho will be going back home as his mum, dad and Addi are missing him but he will be in the ring on a regular basis from now on.  Thanks Julie for letting him come to stay - we have thoroughly enjoyed having him and just adore him.  Another great weekend with great friends :) - and the Saints were on fire!!

30th Nov/1st December - Local shows and had Delta, Fergie and Idaho entered - Fergie won a Best of Breed, Delta a Best bitch and reserve of Breed and Idaho a best dog and reserve of breed so not a bad weekend - spent with great company as usual.

27th November - Sadly today we said goodbye to Dakota (NZ CH Schallenberg Dakota Dream) - at 10 1/2 she had a wonderful life with my sister and her family - she was a much loved and cherished part of their family and Ninia Ranch will not be the same without the welcoming smiley face and wagging tail - Run Free Dakota (reunited with your mum Vevey) - we will miss you xxx  (the one and only Never Ending Story Berner) :(

27th November - Memphis celebrates his 3rd birthday today - a special boy with a awesome temperament and sweet nature - the boys are keen to go out for a run if its not too hot :)
22nd November - Exciting news today - Fergie's x-ray results are back - 0:0 elbows and 1:2 hips - very happy :)

Sienna & Cooper's puppies were born Sunday 27th October 2013
7 girls and 4 boys 

October - Well it is now official - SIENNA is PREGNANT - woo hoo - sadly it did mean she could not attend the National Dog show so she had to let Fergie fly the flag and I was so proud of her - she won Best Bitch and she didn't put a paw wrong - she had great fun with her buddy Dottie chasing rabbits afterwards.   She is starting to look more and more like her mum (Dante) every day - just love her to bits.   Looking forward to little "Cc's" arriving at the end of the month!
25th September - Today our beautiful boy Denver (Boo) would have turned 8 years of age - taken to soon - always in our heart and memories - miss you Scooby xx
13th September - HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to Tonka who now resides in the US with his owner Barb - miss you both but hope you had a great day together.
7/8th September- Huntly shows and Fergie is awarded 2 x Reserve Bitch awards in a lovely line up of girls - a great weekend with some great friends.  And exciting news from the South Island - Schallenberg Just Reeved Up - Chevy is now a New Zealand Champion - winning 2 x Best of Breeds over the weekend - so pleased for his owners Glenda and Graeme.
3rd September- HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Magnus, Lola & Tess - Arizona x Denzel litter :)


22nd August - HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to Chevy, Oscar, Diesel and our very own Fergie - to think Fergie nearly didn't make it and to see what she has achieved so far in just one year - I love my Fergalisious - such a little fighter and super special!

19th August - Today we celebrate Sienna's 4th Birthday - we are so proud of Sienna's achievements in her four years and are so grateful to Gail & David for letting Sienna come and live with us.   I remember the day she arrived and jumped out of her crate - she was already demanding attention and this personality and temperament has just continued.    We are also grateful to Gary for handling Sienna to perfection and to some incredible wins over the years!  We are hoping to have some little CC's running around by the end of this year - fingers crossed as the play dates have started!
17th August - We only did the one show at Wellington Ladies as Chris was flying out for the US on Sunday - Sienna was awarded Reserve of Breed, Best Bitch and Open of Breed and Delta Junior of Breed, not Fergie's day today!! 
10/11th August - We attended the Pet Expo in Hamilton over the weekend and I am so proud of the kids - Memphis and Sienna took it all in their stride - certainly working the crowds of people - Memphis even going out and making people stop and pat him!!  We got to catch up with Jenny & Michael who own Oscar (Fergie's brother) and he is looking great, and Frank & Kasey came along with Lola (Arizona x Denzel) both days - she had a ball and I am guessing she slept well on Sunday night!   Fergie did a day trip with Chris on Saturday - I had her entered in the Open Shows but working the stand was exhausting enough without worrying about showing as well and two dogs was easier then 3.  We harnessed Memphis up to his cart on Sunday and did the Dog Parade with Barbera and Collins - that certainly got the camera's going.  Elspeth baked some incredible Berner cup cakes which we all enjoyed as did some lucky children.   Julie made some cute Berner magnets as well.  Great to catch up with everyone who helped out over the weekend - another successful weekend :) - although exhausting!!
Pet Expo - Hamilton 2013
Fergie and her brother Oscar
Fergie looking cute
Memphis and Barbera - watching the cupcakes!
Sienna next to the liquorice stand!
3/4th August - Four shows over the weekend and the girls did me proud AGAIN - Sienna went Best Bitch & Reserve of Breed (Sat AM show) - Fergie was awarded BEST BITCH and RESERVE OF BREED and then PUPPY OF GROUP (Sat PM show) Judge commented on what a gorgeous bitch she was - Delta won all 4 Junior of Breeds, Sienna took 2 x Reserve Bitch at Sunday shows and Fergie was awarded all 4 Puppy of Breeds over the weekend!!   Great company as always with good friends!!
20th July - A very sad and heartbreaking morning for Chris and I - sadly Summer had not been well - last year in October we had a tumor removed and it was hystio, a few weeks ago, she stopped eating and we knew it was back!  We gave her anything she wanted to eat - vanilla ice cream was her favourite and she went with us to my sister's house on Sunday evening for dinner (twice) and enjoyed leftovers - she thought Dakota had a great life with all this amazing food - I am sure she was keen to stay over for a bit!!  Our dear friend Dany had planned to come and see us, flying up on the Saturday but early that morning when I let Summer outside, she came back and just lay down on the deck.  I couldn't get her up and realised something was wrong so called Chris and we held her tight and said our goodbyes as she peacefully slipped away.   She gave us nearly 10 wonderful years, some gorgeous puppies and grandpuppies we now have and definitely very special memories she has left us.  She was certainly one in a million - a wonderful show dog, running partner, mum, grandma, matriarch but most of all, a treasured family member and best friend - RUN FREE YUM - reunited with Boo and Emmy again - we miss you each and every day but smile at the memories you left with us xx
6th July - Only did one of the 3 shows over the weekend as my niece was celebrating her 21st birthday (6 months later) - so did the AM show and gave Sienna a day off - just showing Fergie and Delta - Delta won Reserve Bitch and Fergie did it again - PUPPY OF GROUP :)
29/30th June Battle of the Giants hosted by the Saint Bernard Club and held in Tongariro - Delta decided to eat something she shouldn't on Thursday and ended up throwing up all night so to the vets in the morning.  Decided it was best to leave her home for the weekend so bathed Memphis and Fergie and headed off on Friday for a fun weekend.  During the night I got up at 2am as the temperature had dropped to -3 - Memphis had a few icicles so I put their winter coats on to keep them warm.  Saturday started off a beautiful clear day although COLD but the dogs loved it.  A great fun weekend with a great attendance of Leo's, Saints, Pry's, Newfy's and Berners - well done to the Saint club for putting on such a great weekend and a special thanks to the ladies who kept the kitchen going all weekend!  
1-2nd June - Fergie's first indoor shows and Delta's first shows since January - Fergie takes BOB under Sue Hewinson (Qld) against older dogs and then Delta is awarded Junior of Group!  Sienna was awarded another Best Bitch award - that 100th is getting closer!!    Fergie also placed 2nd in the Puppy Stakes (51 entries) under Judge:  Sr Rafael Garcia (Spain).  A great weekend!
12-19 May - I was lucky enough to attend my third American Bernese Specialty - this year in Denver - it was a bit of a surprise when Chris came home with tickets and told me I could go but I was going by myself!!  Lucky I have such amazing friends and Ange & Gary offered to put me up for the week - but we all kept it a secret from Kim - she was certainly surprised on the Monday morning at breakfast - had one of the best times spending a wonderful week with some amazing people and their gorgeous dogs - loved having my bed bugs - Abra, Maggie and Rumi -  and enjoyed helping Kris and Mike by handling Maverick in the stud dog class with Hector and Kiwi - and then WINNING - woo hoo.  Great to see Denzel again and of course Jackson- and yes I will be back next year - hopefully :)
17 May 2013 - HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY  to our Vevey x Hudson litter - Rudy, Wilson, Max, Lucca, Monty II, Shelby and Dakota - remembering Moss and Indi xx
20/22 April 2013- Fergalisious does it again at Cambridge - 2 x PUPPY OF GROUP awards and 2 x Reserve Bitch (even beating CC) - weather was terrible but great company as always!   Also caught up with Lola (Arizona x Denzel) and her owners Frank & Kasey and Giselle (Kobi's sister) and Tracey and Zavier :)
March 2013 - GREAT NEWS - Schallenberg I am Giant - Idaho scores are back - 1:1 hips, 1a:1b elbows - congratulations Julie and Idaho.
16/17 March 2013 - Wanganui shows and Magnus (Arizona x Denzel) - owned by Anna - has his first shows - he went really well and soon got the hang of it.  Fergie was awarded Reserve Bitch and Puppy of Group, also gaining 4th placing in the Puppy Stakes on Saturday with Kobi Reserve Dog and on Sunday Sienna was Reserve Bitch.
9/10 March 2013 - Club garden party on Saturday and great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.  Great to see Freddy (and his owners) there and also Wilson (Vevey x Hudson) who is now 9 and had a great time with Sarah.  Fine weather although a bit windy.

Sunday I headed to Cambridge to show and Fergie was placed 3rd in the Puppy Stakes and won Puppy of Breed (her first show as a puppy) with Sienna taking Reserve Bitch and Idaho Junior of Breed.  Also got to catch up with Oscar (Fergie's brother).

2 March 2013 - HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY to my precious girl Dante and to her litter sisters - Essie, Koa, Frey, Bella and remembering O'Malley and Daisy and my sweet boy Emmerson - always in my heart and never forgotten!!
23/24th Feb 2013 - Ashburton shows and Fergie's brother Chevy picks up his first 2 challenges and then on Sunday wins PUPPY OF GROUP - not bad since they have just turned 6 months old and he was up against some tough competition!!  Well done Glenda and Chevy :)

Schallenberg Just Wild About - Fergie winning Baby Puppy of Group
Judge:  Caroline Matheson
16/17th Feb 2013 - 2 shows at Horowhenua - Sienna wins 1 x Best of Breed & Best Bitch with Kobi winning 1 x Best of Breed and 2 x Best dog awards but little Fergalisious was awarded 2 x Baby Puppy of Group and on Saturday won BABY PUPPY IN SHOW and was placed second in the Baby Puppy Stakes - :)
9/10th Feb 2013 - 4 shows at Tokoroa and Sienna wins all 4 Best bitch, 2 x Best of Breed, 2 x Reserve of Breed and then last show she wins RUNNER UP BEST OF GROUP/OPEN OF GROUP and Kobi win NZ BRED OF GROUP - not a bad weekend.

2013- Magnus (Schallenberg King Of The Wild) doing his training to become a therapy dog - Magnus is owned by Anna and has already started his training at the tender age of 4 months - visiting the local Rest Homes & Hopsice - he is now a welcome visitor with many of the residents waiting for his next visit - we are very proud of what Magnus and Anna are doing.
19/20th Jan 2013 - First shows for the year at Ashurst - 4 shows and Sienna wins 3 x Best of Breeds, 4 x Best Bitch awards, and Fergie wins 3 x Baby Puppy of Group and then a BABY PUPPY IN SHOW- Kobi was 3 x Reserve Dog and I should have left Delta at home as she is out of coat - so only showed her in the first show and then scratched her for the rest of the weekend!!   So proud of Fergie after what she has been through!!!    Delta is out of coat and looks funny as she doesn't have any tummy fur from her surgery so she is sitting out the shows for now but she will be back once she has some coat!!!
16 Jan 2013 - Today we had devastating news from Kim in Canada - Ty had passed over the Rainbow Bridge - the Berner world was in mourning - Ty was a true ambassador and the tributes flowing in for him were amazing.  He was loved all over the world and will be sadly missed by all those who knew him but especially Kim.  He achieved so much and touched so many people, and through him many friendships were made - our thoughts are with Kim - they had an incredible partnership and love for each other.   Run free TY - you will be sadly missed but you will remain in our hearts forever!!

Schallenberg Blackfoot - MOSS - Xmas 2012

17 May 2003 - January 2013

Jan 2013 - Not a good start to the year - as a breeder you make many wonderful friends with the people who share their lifes and homes with one of our puppies, so when we get an email to say that they have had to say goodbye - we feel their pain and shed tears of sadness for we know only too well the heartache of losing a family member.  Sadly at the beginning of this year Julia and John said goodbye to their beloved boy Moss - Moss was from Vevey to Huddy and celebrated his 9th birthday on 17 May 2012.  We are thinking of you Julia and John and thank you so much for bringing Moss to see me at the Nationals in October and for giving him an incredible home and life - RUN FREE MOSS :(
2012  - What a year - there have been some highs and unfortunately some lows - we attended the 2012 Bernese Specialty in Gettsyburg - some incredible dogs and owners, caught up with old friends and made many new ones!!   Dante & Arizona had puppies and we have a new addition in Fergie from Dante x Otto - we are very lucky to still have Fergie and Delta with us after their problems, so very thankful to our vets - New Plymouth Vet Group for everything - they certainly go that extra mile.  Sienna won her first BEST IN SHOW and won Best of Breed at the National Dog show for the third year in a row - so very very proud of all that Sienna has achieved - definitely one of NZ's top winning bitches - and to top of the Nationals Delta was awarded Reserve of Breed :) - looking forward to 2013 and hopefully a new addition!!! A huge thank you to all our friends and the people who have helped and supported us throughout 2012!  We wish you all a FANTASTIC NEW YEAR!

24th December - A very sad day for us - a year ago today we said goodbye to a very special boy in our lives - MISS YOU EVERY DAY BOO - always in our hearts. 

21st December - A big HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY to Kobi, Teddy, Loki and Giselle (Dante x Otto babies).  

8/9th December - Last shows for the year in Hawkes Bay and Sienna wins 1 x BOB and Kobi took ROB and Fergie wins another Baby Puppy of Group :).  So proud of how my dogs have gone this year - the highlight for 2012 was Sienna winning BEST IN SHOW at the Eukanuba 7's and then winning Best of Breed and being short listed at the Nationals (third year in a row) - a huge thank you to Gary Neal for showing CC for me throughout the year and to David & Gail for letting CC come to NZ, to all my wonderful friends and supporters who make showing fun and keep me sane - you know who you are and to my husband Chris who puts up with me going away most weekends while he stays home with the rest of the fur family - a huge thank you! 
1/2 December -  Local shows and Sienna wins 2 x BOB, 2 x ROB awards and all 4 Best Bitch awards, Delta back in the ring with a shaved tummy was awarded Reserve Bitch in both shows on Sunday, I only showed Kobi on Sunday and he won 1 x BOB and 1 x Best Dog and Fergie (with her poodle cut and shaved tummy) won all 4 x Baby Puppy of Breed and then won BABY PUPPY OF GROUP on Sunday afternoon - very proud. 
Monty - the birthday boy!!
30 November - Monty - our first home bred boy celebrated his 11th Birthday - Monty is from the first litter under our kennel name and his other 2 brothers and sister made their 10th birthday but not quite their 11th.  He may be a bit slower and more grumpier and he does like his sleepins but he still keeps the young ones in line.
27 November - Memphis celebrated his second birthday - where has the time gone!!
24/25 November - Schallenberg Just Reeved Up - Chevy wins BABY PUPPY IN SHOW on Sunday down South - congratulations to Glenda and Graeme - well done!!
November -  Well its been a roller coaster ride over the last couple of months - first with Fergie and then on 19 November Delta ended up having a major operation to remove a sock - and lost part of her bowel - she is doing well but we have to watch both her and Fergie and make sure they don't eat anything they shouldn't.  We are very lucky both these girls are still with us as it was touch and go for them both - a huge thank you to our vets - New Plymouth Vet Group (Rob Mills and Rob O'Conner and staff (especially Stacy)) for looking after both girls so well.  
3/4 November - Taupo shows and Sienna wins another Best of Breed under Kim Haddon (Zeigen Bernese - Australia) - Delta is Reserve Bitch and Kobi Reserve Dog.  Sunday Sienna does it again - another Best of Breed.
Both Dante's and Arizona's pups have headed off to their new homes and families - I am sure the new owners are enjoying their new bundles of fur - and yes one did stay - we now have a new addition to the household - Schallenberg Just Wild About - Fergie - this little girl nearly wasn't with us as it took a while to get her breathing right after the c-section, and then unfortunately at only 9 weeks of age she got intussusception (a bowel problem) and had to be operated on - we thought all was well until a week later it happened again (except worse this time round) another major operation and part of her bowel had to be removed :( - so far she is doing well and we take each day with this special little girl, as it comes - she certainly is a little fighter and has personality plus after being through so much!!
20/21/22 October - Decided to do the Auckland Labour Weekend shows under international judges - also showed Idaho (Delta's brother) - Saturday Sienna wins Best of Breed and Idaho is awarded Best dog, Sienna is short listed in group AGAIN (judge was Wendy Parquette (USA) and then takes BEST IMPORT in the stakes, Delta is awarded third in Puppy Stakes.  Sunday Sienna does it again - Best of Breed and short listed in group AGAIN (judge was Mr Francisco Chapa (Mexico) - Idaho Best Dog and Delta second in Puppy Stakes.  Monday Sienna is Reserve of Breed, and Idaho Reserve Dog - a great weekend. 
6 October - SIENNA DOES IT AGAIN - BEST OF BREED at the National Dog Show 2012 and is then short listed for Best of Group (Judge was Mr Ricardo F Saldana (Mexico)  - this is the third year in a row Sienna has won this and then to top the weekend off - DELTA wins RESERVE OF BREED and gets through to the finals of the Puppy Stakes :)
1 October - SIENNA WINS BEST IN SHOW/OPEN IN SHOW at the Hawkes Bay Non-Sporting & Utility Dog Society Eukanuba 7's, Kobi was Reserve Dog & NZ Bred of Breed and did so well (so proud of my boy) and Delta was Puppy of Breed - an AWESOME DAY :) - judge was Mrs C Haller (Canada)
8 September - Huntly shows and after procrastinating about going as the weather wasn't looking so good - decided to do a day trip leaving home at 4.30am - 14 Berners entered and Delta win Reserve of Breed, Best Bitch and Puppy of Breed with Sienna taking Reserve Bitch and Open of Breed - another challenge for Delta against great competition!!

3 September - Arizona whelps 3 puppies - 1 boy and 2 girls! -  all doing well :)
22 August - Dante whelps 5 puppies - 4 boys and 1 girl!  Sadly one boy did not make it so we have 3 boys and 1 girl - all doing well :)

4/5 August - Pencarrow and Upper Hutt shows this weekend - Delta wins all 4 Puppy of Breeds plus another Best Bitch and Reserve of breed against mainly older girls, Sienna wins another Best Bitch and Reserve of Breed and Kobi does it again - Best of Breed and RESERVE OF GROUP - so proud of my boy!
30 July - Arizona has been confirmed pregnant to Denzel (Dante's dad) - very excited - puppies due beginning of September!
29 July - Decided to do an Open show with Kobi and Delta - and what a day - Kobi picked up two Reserve of Group wins and Delta two Puppy of Groups - very pleased with the young ones.
26 July - HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY  to Rose, Sam, Tycho and Arizona - Summer's last puppies to Viggo - where has the 3 years gone!!

 23 July - Dante has been confirmed pregnant to Otto - this is a remarkable litter due to the bloods showing she wasn't ovulating so we didn't use the frozen we have from Ty as there was only a 10% chance she would get pregnant.  We decided to try Otto and see if we got puppies - and we did - super studly Otto - even the vets are surprised!!  We are waiting to have Arizona scanned next Monday to see if she is pregnant to Denzel (Dante's dad) - fingers crossed!!

CH Swiss Guard of Schallenberg - Brummell
30 Nov 01 - 20 June 2012
Loved and missed by Helen and Tony
20 June - Our thoughts are with Helen and Tony on their sad loss of Brummell (Monty's brother) - thank you for giving Brummell the most incredible loving home for the last 10 1/2 years - he will be sadly missed.  RIP Brummell - now running free with Singen and Kiwa xx
16 June - Took Delta to the local ribbon parades even though it was FREEZING COLD - she had a great time and won BEST ON PARADE & PUPPY ON PARADE under Peter Sharp - Barbera's boy Collins won PUPPY ON PARADE in the second show - not bad considering there was only the 2 Berners there!!
Schallenberg Ive Got U Babe - Delta
6 months
11 June - A sad day but I remember all the good times, memories, and smiles - two years have gone by and I miss you each and every day Emmy - always in my heart - forever!
2/3 June - Well Sienna does it again - another Intermediate of Group award and Delta was awarded her first Challenge taking Best Bitch and Reserve of Breed - not bad for a 6 month old puppy!!   And YES DANTE IS FINALLY IN SEASON!!!

May - Well we are back from the Specialty and all I can say is WOW, INCREDIBLE - we had even more fun then 2010 (if that is possible) but we also got to meet a lot of new friends which is very exciting.  Got to see Denzel and James again - and of course Ty, Jackson, Britney, Babe, Abra, Maggie and one very cute little man - Finn - just gorgeous.  Also got to see a lot of stunning dogs, and of course caught up with everyone from 2010.  We have made some more wonderful friends from all around the world - too many to mention but thank you for making us so welcome and sharing time with us.  Now to start saving for 2013!!!  And even more exciting - Dante is dropping coat!!  Sienna has recovered from her pyrometra and is back to normal!  And Delta has grown heaps - she is still a monkey though :).  First shows for a while, this weekend!!

17 May - HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY to DAKOTA, RUBY, MOSS, LUCCA, MAX, WILSON, SHELBY & MONTY from our second Schallenberg Litter (Vevey x Hudson) and I know Indi is looking down and smiling - our thoughts are with Julie and family.   Big hugs xx
8 May - HAPPY 6 months to Delta, Savannah, Annie, Idaho and Freddy - (Arizona x Otto)
28 April - Our thoughts go out to Dayna and Mat on their sad loss of Singen (Monty's brother) - the 3 boys celebrated their 10th birthday on 30 November 2011 - RIP SINGEN xx  Thank you both for giving Singen such a wonderful and loving home.
Easter Weekend - Time for some relaxation after showing just about every weekend.  Sienna has been consistent as usual winning Best of Breeds and Best Bitch awards regularly.  Tycho came to stay so he came out running with Arizona and CC on Friday!  Nice to have some time out - so Dante & Summer got a much needed bath on Saturday and a groom - both are losing coat (especially Dante).  Then it was down to the beach with Kobi, Memphis, CC and Delta.   Sunday it was the girls turn - Dante, Arizona, CC and Delta went for a walk along the waterfront - just incredible weather and a late evening stroll - wonderful.  
Not long now before we head off to Gettysburg (USA) to the American Specialty - looking forward to catching up with David & Gail, Ange & Gary, Karen & Harry, Jen and Kim, Ty & Britney - and all the other people we have made contact with - can't wait.  Not looking forward to leaving the fur kids but they will be in good hands!!

17/18th March - The club Garden Party in Rotorua - so decided to bath up Monty and take him along as well as Kobi, Memphis and Delta.  Monty had a great time although he was shattered come time to head home on Sunday after the Battle of the Giants where he won Veteran of Match.  Idaho won Best of Match at the club match day and Delta was Reserve of Match at the Battle of the Giants.   A great weekend of fun and friends.

3/4th March - WOW what a weekend at Waipawa - the weather bomb hit on Saturday and we lost all our gazebo's - the poor dogs were sitting in their crates so it was madness getting them into the van and packing everything up before the rain hit and boy did it hit.  Saturday AM show Memphis was Best of Breed and Sienna was Reserve, PM Show in the freezing cold, rain and winds - Kobi Best of Breed and Sienna Reserve.  Delta went well and wasn't fazed by the weather - keeping 4 feet on the ground and standing still is a problem but we are working on that.  Sunday was fine, still a bit windy but thankfully Gary had fixed all our gazebo's so we were up and running again - Sienna was Best of Breed and then won another INTERMEDIATE OF GROUP, and Memphis was Reserve of Breed and also gained his NZ CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE - so proud of my furkids
2 March - A huge HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY to my precious girl Dante and her litter sisters - Essie, Daisy, Koa, Freya, Bella & Wilma and always in our hearts and memories - my sweet precious boy Emmerson (I miss you each and every day) and his brother O'Malley - taken too soon!!
18 February - Only did one day at Levin - Sienna was Best of Breed and Memphis Reserve of Breed (he is getting close to his NZ Championship title).  Delta had a blast and did really well for her first show - and without hardly any lead training - standing still is a problem but she is such a happy girl and loves all the attention.
11/12 February - Great weekend in Tokoroa with Sienna winning another INTERMEDIATE OF GROUP, 2 x Best of Breed, 1 x Reserve of Breed, 4 x Best Bitch and gaining her GOLD CERTIFICATE OF MERIT (50 challenges) and then Kobi won 2 x Best of Breed, 2 x Best Dog, 1 x Reserve Dog and to top the weekend off - RUNNER UP BEST IN GROUP/NZ BRED OF GROUP - WOO HOOOOOO and then gaining his CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE as well.   WHAT A WEEKEND!!!  Delta has her first show next weekend in Levin - should be fun!!!
21/22 January - Great start to the year with Sienna winning another INTERMEDIATE OF GROUP, 2 x Best of Breed, 1 x Reserve of Breed, 3 x Best Bitch and 1 x Reserve Bitch awards, Kobi picked up another challenge taking Best Dog and Reserve of Breed to Sienna on Saturday and Memphis doing the same on Sunday!!  Both boys are close to the Championship title and Sienna is nearly at her 50th!!
21/22 January - The pups have all gone off to their new homes - again a very difficult decision as they were all gorgeous and I wanted to keep them all but we have kept the craziest one I am sure - Delta (aka Bella) is our new addition and she certainly has her father's personality - should be fun!!
24 December - Well the year has not ended well - actually it has been one of the worst months I have ever had.   At the beginning of December Denver was not well - we suspected a tummy bug and he was on medication but he wasn't getting any better so he was admitted to the vets for some tests as they thought maybe something was stuck in his intestine.  This wasn't the case and more tests were done as it was thought he might have Addisons disease - on Monday 5th December when I visited him in the morning he was very lethargic and not himself at all.  He seemed happier at lunchtime and then that evening I noticed his tummy was very bloated.  They quickly did an x-ray and said it was fluid (he was on a drip) and when they put a needle in his tummy he didn't even flinch!  They did another x-ray of his heart and said he had fluid around it and it was enlarged - a good friend had mentioned to me that it could be dilated cardiomyopathy - a heart disease which is fatal!  The next day the tests confirmed this was the case - my whole world just came crashing down - how could a tummy bug turn out to be something so severe and fatal - I was devastated but we were allowed to take him home and he was on a lot of medication - all we had to do was get them into him and get him eating - he hadn't eaten for over a week.  He seemed to be doing ok for the first week and I was giving him everything under the sun to eat - the other dogs were very jealous!   But then he stopped eating again and became more and more lethargic - I knew it wasn't good but I wasn't ready to give up - he was my boy and I was going to fight!!  I had another vet appointment on 23rd December and I knew there was a chance I wasn't bringing Boo home but we decided to try a steroid injection - I prayed he would start eating as he was fading away before my eyes and if he wasn't going to eat I prayed he would slip away in his sleep - I didn't want to make that decision - it was too hard as I didn't want to lose him.  When we got home I gave him a bath and blow dried him and then trimmed his coat as he was so hot and this wasn't helping - he was so tired afterwards and he looked funny - lucky I had his cool coat for him to wear. That night I fought with him to get his meds down - he was clenching his mouth shut and then he would gag them back up - it was heartbreaking and NO he still wouldn't eat.  The next morning I didn't try to get his meds down, I phoned our vet and asked what would happen if we took him off the meds - I knew the answer wouldn't be good.  So I made one of the hardest decisions ever and we took Boo into the vets after it had closed - he just lay down as he had no energy left.  I miss him so much and can't believe I have lost both my beautiful boys way before their time - it isn't fair but then life isn't!!  RUN FREE BOO - and I hope Emmy is looking after you - I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH XXXX

10/11 December - Last shows for the year over in Hawkes Bay and Memphis is awarded 2 x Best Dog/Challenge plus a Reserve of Breed and Kobi is awarded a Reserve Dog and Puppy of Breed and Sienna does it again - another Best of Breed and INTERMEDIATE OF GROUP!!!
3/4 December - Taranaki shows - Memphis is awarded Dog Challenge and Reserve of Breed, while Sienna picks up another Best of Breed and INTERMEDIATE OF GROUP.

30 November - HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY to MONTY, SINGEN & BRUMMEL from our first Schallenberg Litter and 3 of the 4 celebrating - big hugs xx

27 November - HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY MEMPHIS - you are now officially a big boy!!!  Big hugs to his litter brothers in Australia!!  And Monty II went off to his new forever home on Saturday - his previous owners are moving to Perth so we have had him back living with us for 3 weeks - he is adorable but we had the right home for him and he is off living with Chris & Sue and his new Berner girlfriend Shannon - Miss you Monty but I know you will be very happy - thanks Sue and Chris for giving him such a great home.  The house feels empty now - we are down to 8 and the 5 pups so I guess they will keep me busy!!

Queen Kiwa of Schallenberg - 30 Nov 2001 - 22 Nov 2011
22 November - It is with sadness that we said goodbye to Kiwa this afternoon - she had not been well since April but she was a battler and kept going.  Over the weekend she went off her food and her cough got worse and we did not want her to suffer.  Kiwa was from our first litter and came back to us 5 years ago (she is Monty's litter sister) - RIP Kiwa - the house is going to be quiet without you xx
19/20 November - After making sure Alice (one of Arizona's pups) was gaining weight - she had an infection and wasn't very well - we headed off to Carterton for the Wairarapa shows and what a weekend - SIENNA wins BEST OF BREED AND INTERMEDIATE OF GROUP BOTH DAYS!!!  And that was without coat!!!   It was a great weekend with great friends who also had some great wins!!!
8 November - HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY SUMMER and Arizona made it more special by making Yum a grandma for the fourth time and having her puppies - she started just after lunch and popped the last one out just after midnight - 6 puppies but sadly 1 little boy didn't make it - so we have 3 girls and 2 boys - all appear to be doing well thank goodness!!!

5/6 November - Pet Expo in Wellington - as usual our stand looked fantastic and at times you couldn't even get to the stand had you not had a dog pushing through.  Denver was a hit - and he loved all the attention, as were the 3 pups belonging to the Tates.   Sienna loved it for about half an hour and then she got over people patting her and telling her how pretty she was - she KNOWS THAT!!!  Everyone loved the carts - a great weekend with great friends sharing our passion for the breed!!

29/30 October - A weekend at home bathing Denver for the upcoming Pet Expo in Wellington next weekend and some cart training with Sienna.  The boys are enjoying spending some relaxing time rather then being in the show ring - they needed a break (as did their mum!!)  It will be fill on next weekend but I am sure Denver and Sienna will enjoy the attention.  Chris will be staying home with the mum to be - Arizona - she is getting bigger by the day - EXCITING!!

22/23 October - Manawatu Shows and Memphis gains his first Challenge taking Best Dog in the morning show and Kobi taking Reserve Dog, Sienna was Best of Breed, and in the afternoon show Kobi was Best Dog and Memphis Reserve and Kobi also took ROB, Sienna was Reserve Bitch and then Kobi got a run for Puppy of Group.  Sunday Sienna was Reserve of Breed and Memphis took Reserve Dog

16 October - Ruahine Shows and Kobi wins Best of Breed and Sienna goes Intermediate in Group!!
10 October - ARIZONA IS PREGNANT TO OTTO - Puppies due beginning of November - what a way to finish the weekend!!
8/9 October - Tauranga shows - 3 champs show and club Specialty Show all in one weekend - Sienna was INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW at the Specialty and Kobi was awarded 2 x Best Dog and 1 x Best of Breed awards over the weekend. 
25th September HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY to my big beautiful best friend - Denver (or Boo) and to his brother Bentley and sister Kaourma!!  

24th August - Arizona is in season - yah!!!!  Fingers and toes crossed all goes well!!!

19th August - HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY my sweet beautiful Sienna - you are an adult now you are 2 - I wonder if you will start acting like one!!!   

Memphis in the snow!

9th August - WOW - our first ever snow fall - it was incredible and the dogs loved it - they were real Mountain dogs running round and having fun.  

27th July- Summer became a grandma again today - Rose started having her pups this morning - so far 4 boys and 3 girls!!!  All doing well so far!! 
26th July -HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to Summer's last litter to Viggo - ROSE, SAM, TYCHO and of course our own Arizona - xx
9/10 July - Hutt Valley shows and on Saturday Memphis wins Reserve Dog and Reserve of Breed over Sienna who was Best Bitch and on Sunday Kobi is Best Dog and Reserve of Breed to Sienna who is Best of Breed and Best Bitch.  Sadly Tycho didn't manage that last challenge - the 8th one is always the hardest but he will get there!!  The young boys did so well - and Kobi won his first challenge - thanks to Gary who was showing him!

30 June - YAH GOOD NEWS- Schallenberg Summer Promise (Rose) is confirmed pregnant to Webby - fantastic news for our friends!!-

29 June What a month it has been - and sadly one I would rather forget, at the beginning of the month our good friends lost their beautiful Great Dane boy - then the day before Emmerson's 1 year, Webster owned by Steve & Barbera ended up at the vets with a collapsed rear end.  It was thought it was a blood clot which can sometimes rectify itself but by the Tuesday he was showing only a small sign of improvement so he went down to Massey who also thought it was a blood clot, but after a CT Scan they thought it might be cancer, then Thursday they did an ultra sound and bloods - all clear - no signs of cancer but he was going down hill, so Barbera decided to bring him home on Friday 17th but by then he had deteriorated even more so we meet at the vets and said our last goodbyes - RIP sweet Webster - you will always hold a special place in my heart and thank you for the good times!! Then on Wednedsay 22nd Hugo (Vevey x Hansi) was put to rest - he had been unwell since January with neospora which had gone undetected by the local vets - a huge thanks to Julia Bryce (Lakeside Vets) who quickly got him on a slow road to recovery but he had lost so much weight that he never managed to overcome the problem - our thoughts are with Hugo's family - he was a very special boy.  And on the same day I learnt that my good friends had lost their English Mastiff - she was a huge part of their lives and will be sadly missed.  Then I received an e-mail from Lily's owner saying that sadly Lily (Vevey x Hansi) had been diagnosed with malignant histio and as we all know - this is very quick so she was put to rest this week - our thoughts also go out to Lily's owner.  Hopefully we will have some exciting news at the end of the month.....   But goodbye JUNE!!!!!
5 June HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY to our third litter from Vevey x Hansi - Hugo, Ringo, Koda, Delta, Lily, Aoife, Whiskey & Ruby and our thoughts are with Sarah who lost Autumn last year.

9 May -We had a wonderful time and were made very welcome by everyone.  It was great FINALLY meeting David & Gail and seeing Gracie (Sienna's sister), Wanda (Memphis's mum) and Tino (Memphis's brother owned by Lyn Brand).   Picked up some more grooming tips from Gail and got to see some nice dogs.  Fell in love with Arlo (a half brother to Sienna) - tried to convince Noela he would love NZ.  Showed a sweet young girl - Enya for Ros in the Baby Puppy class - it was her first show and she got 3rd out of 9 others so she did really well.   Also showed Rush for Felicity - what a sweet girl she is and SO HAPPY - we didn't get a place but we had fun.    Cossi owned by Emma won Best in Show (handled by Ben) and she was GORGEOUS - well done to all the winners and place getters and thanks again for making us so welcome!!  

5 May - Flying to Melbourne for the Victorian Specialty and catching up with David & Gail (Sienna and Memphis's breeders) and many others - should be a great weekend - can't wait!!  
30 April - NZKC National Dog Show and Sienna wins Best of Breed for the second year in a row and then is pulled out and short listed for Best of Group - unfortunately the Siberian which won Best of Group was from the Junior Class knocking Sienna out.  A great weekend and a huge thanks to Gary for handling Sienna so superbly!!
Kobi, Memphis & Giselle
2/3 April 2011 -Cambridge on Sunday and Sienna wins Best of Breed and Kobi takes another BABY PUPPY IN GROUP!!  This little man is a star!!  Also caught up with Tracey and Giselle which was great!!


         Kobi winning Baby Puppy In Show - Hawkes Bay
                                                   (photo Jordyn O'Neill)
2/3 April 2011 - Hawkes Bay show weekend and what an awesome weekend - Sienna was back in the ring after being in season and out of coat and won 3 x Best of Breeds, 4 x Best Bitch awards & 1 x Reserve of Breed, and Kobi was placed BABY PUPPY OF GROUP at the Saturday AM show and then on Sunday (pm show) again won BABY PUPPY OF GROUP AND THEN BABY PUPPY OF SHOW - what a fantastic end to a great weekend - good friends and nice weather!!
19/20 March 2011 - New Plymouth shows and on Saturday Kobi (as his first show) was placed Reserve Dog to Lisa's boy Boomer and then went on to take BABY PUPPY OF GROUP and Arizona was awarded Best of Breed on Sunday, with Tycho Junior of Breed and Kobi Baby Puppy of Breed.  Saturday saw Rose (Arizona's litter sister) taking Best Bitch and Reserve of Breed
Arizona - Junior of Group (photo Lisa Stevenson)
19/20 March 2011 - Wanganui shows - Dante Reserve of Breed and Best Bitch, Arizona Reserve Bitch and Memphis Reserve Dog - both day and then on Sunday Arizona was awarded JUNIOR OF GROUP - a lovely weekend!!

Memphis & Kobi (March 2011)  (photo Lisa Stevenson)
5/6 March 2011 - DANTE DOES IT - 3 shows in Waipawa - 3 Best of Breeds and her 100th challenge making her the FIRST Bernese in New Zealand to be awarded the Platinum Certificate of MeritArizona was Reserve of Breed in 2 shows and Memphis had his first shows - nearly being awarded Baby Puppy of Group as the judge said it was between him and the boxer and then taking Best Dog on the Sunday show - pretty good for a 13 week old puppy!!
2 March 2011 - HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY to Essie, Bella, Koa, Freya, Daisy, Wilma and Dante - and remembered always O'Malley & Emmy - puppies from Summer x Denzel litter!
29 Dec 2000 - 21 Feb 2011
21 February 2011 - Sadly came home from Tokoroa to find Murren was not well - his back legs had given up and his breathing was laboured so another hard decision was necessary - Thank you Mouse for sharing 10 years & nearly 2 months with us - the house isn't the same without you - the end of an era for us as Mouse was a grandson to our Swedish boy Eiger.  Run free Mouse - always in our hearts xx!!
19/20 February 2011 - The pups took a trip to Tokoroa (as I was showing) to go off to their new homes - what a weekend as we still hadn't decided which boy to keep - having 3 exceptional boys was very difficult to choose between.   Thank you to our puppy people for being so patient.  My heart won and we kept Fatboy (Kobi) although we are very lucky to have the other 2 boys remain in our breeding programme if necessary!!  All 3 pups are settling in well with their new families.  Kobi and Memphis are becoming great mates - I think they could be double trouble though!!  Dante gained 3 more challenges - ONE MORE TO GO!!!  Tycho was Reserve Dog in 3 of the 4 shows - he is getting there!!