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BISS NZ CH Schallenberg Just Wild About

"Fergie" (or Fergalishious)

Sire: NZ CH Alpenspirit Ocean's Apart - Otto
Dam: NZ CH Schallenberg Sweetest Thing - Dante
Whelped:  22 August 2012

Elbows: 0:0 - Hips 1:2

VWDI - Clear - DM - Clear (by parentage)

Fergie is awarded BEST OF GROUP -
National Prelude show
and then 5th in NZ Bred Stakes -
National Dog Show

Fergie starts 2015 off with a BANG

Fergie - BEST IN GROUP under Mr Colin Seymour (NSW) Jan 2015

Fergie - RESERVE IN GROUP under Monica Blaha (Austria) - Jan 2015

Fergie - BEST IN GROUP- Nov 2014

Fergie - Intermediate of Group - Oct 2014

Fergie on the move

Fergie - 4th NZ Bred stakes

Judge:  Micheal Leonard (Ireland)

Fergie - Junior of Group - August 2014

 Fergie 2014

Junior of Group - March 2014

 Puppy in Group - August 2013 - Judge: Glenda Cook (Vic)
Puppy in Group - July 2013 - Judge: Lyndall Black (Vic)
Puppy in Group - April 2013 - Judge:  Mrs K Martin (NZ)
Puppy in Group - April 2013 - Judge:  Mr G Whitfield (NZ)
Fergie does it again at Horowhenua - 2 x Baby Puppy of Group Awards and
BABY PUPPY IN SHOW - Judge:  Caroline Matheson (NZ)
Thanks Mark for some great photos!



Fergie had a fantastic start to 2013 at Kapi Mana - 3 x Baby Puppy of Group Awards and
BABY PUPPY IN SHOW - Judge:  Mr A Hayashida (Japan)
Thanks Mark for some great photos!
Fergie - 6 weeks
Fergie in the buttercups
About: Fergie is from a repeat mating of Dante x Otto.   She is a little fighter as she took a while to get breathing after the c-section - she had a bit of fluid on her lungs but she soon got over that, only to get intussusception at 6 weeks old, she was operated on and they managed to save her bowel but then a week later it happened again, but this time worse, and she had to have about 6 inchs of bowel removed.  It was obvious this little girl was staying and she was a fighter.  She came to work with me for a few weeks so I could feed her small mushy meals regularly and get better - we would go for walks down the waterfront and she loves everyone.  She is amazing after being through so much at such a young age and the best thing - she is the splitting image of her mum with her dad's outgoing attitude - first shows were local ones even with her shaved tummy and legs and she won all four Baby Puppy of Breed awards over the weekend - her brother Chevy down the South Island won BABY PUPPY IN SHOW at his first show weekend!!
Fergie certainly is following in her mum's paw prints!!

First shows for 2014 and Fergie is awarded 2 x Runner up of Breed and 2 x Best Bitch awards under International Judges gaining her NZ Championship title - 7 of the 8 challenges she has been awarded was against stiff competition including beating 2 of NZ's top winning bitches - not an easy feat. 

Fergie didn't put a paw wrong at the Bernese Specialty Show (March 2014) - Michael commented when awarding her Best Bitch - 'STUNNING' and then when he awarded her BEST IN SHOW - he said how she was just gorgeous and he loved her.  Not sure who was grinning the most - Fergie or me.  Thank you to everyone for their support - just love my BUG!

Fergie was awarded Reserve of Breed and Best Bitch at the National Dog Show 2014 under Mr P M Podesta (Argentina) with an entry of 26 Berners - Idaho was awarded Best of Breed and Best Dog so it was exciting to see the two running off against each other - a very proud moment!

Fergie was awarded Reserve of Breed to Idaho under Breed Specialist Lyn Brand (Branbern Bernese) in Wairarapa (Nov 2014)
BABY PUPPY OF GROUP - South Taranaki Kennel Centre - 2.12.2012
BABY PUPPY OF GROUP - East Coast Ladies Kennel Association - 8.12.2012
BABY PUPPY IN SHOW - Manawatu Kennel Centre (AM) - 19.01.2013 - Judge:  Mrs M Ostrovskaya (Russia) & (BIS) Mr A Hayashida (Japan)
BABY PUPPY OF GROUP - Manawatu Kennel Centre (PM) - 19.01.2013 
BABY PUPPY OF GROUP - Kapi Mana Kennel Association (AM) - 20.01.2013
BABY PUPPY IN SHOW - Horowhenua Kennel Association - 16.02.2013 - Judge:  Caroline Matherson (NZ) & (BIS) June Weston (Canberra)
BABY PUPPY OF GROUP - Horowhenua Kennel Association - 17.02.2013 - Kristy Lewis (Sth Aust)
2nd Placing in Puppy Stakes - Horowhenua Kennel Association - 16.02.2013 - Colleen Stoate (Vic)
3rd Placing in Puppy Stakes - Hamilton Kennel Association - 10.03.2013 - Fabricio Pastor (Equador)
4th Placing in Puppy Stakes - Wanganui Kennel Society - 16.03.2013 - Mrs D Grace (Palm North)
PUPPY OF GROUP - Wanganui Kennel Society - 16.03.2013 - Mrs J Hocking (Vic)
PUPPY OF GROUP - Cambridge Kennel Assn - 20.04.2013 - Mr G Whitfield (NZ)
PUPPY OF GROUP - Cambridge Kennel Assn - 21.04.2013 - Mrs K Martin (NZ)
BEST OF BREED (at only 9 months and against adult dogs) - Non-Sporting & Utility Dog Society - 1 June 2013 - Judge:  Sue Hewinson (Qld)
2nd Placing in Puppy Stakes (51 entries) - Judge:  Sr Rafael Garcia (Spain)
PUPPY OF GROUP - Hutt Valley Kennel Centre Inc - 6 July 2013 - Judge:  Lyndall Black (Vic)
PUPPY OF GROUP (and Best Bitch/Reserve of Breed) - Upper Hutt Kennel Ass - 3 August 2013 - Mrs Glenda Cook (Vic)

2013 Dogs On Line (NZ) Points - 1st Rising Star - Bernese Mountain Dog, 4th Rising Star in Utility (North Island) - 17th Rising Star -All Breeds (North Island) and 32nd Rising Star overall Nationally - way to go!! 
 3rd Placing in NZ Bred Stakes - Hamilton Kennel Association - 8.03.2014 - Judge:  Percy Green (Sth Africa) 
BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW, JUNIOR IN SHOW - The Bernese Mountain Dog Championship Show - 9 March 2014 - Judge:  Michael Leonard (Ireland)
JUNIOR OF GROUP - New Plymouth Kennel Centre - Judge:  Diane Riley (NZ) - 22 March 2014
JUNIOR OF GROUP - Upper Hutt Kennel Ass. - Judge: Vicki Knopke (Queensland) - 3 August 2014
JUNIOR OF GROUP - Upper Hutt Kennel Ass. - Judge: Bill Townsend (NZ) - 3 August 2014
RESERVE OF BREED, BEST BITCH & OPEN OF BREED - National Dog Show - Judge:  Mr R Podesta (Chile) - Oct 2014
INTERMEDIATE OF GROUP - Tauranga Kennel Assn - 12.10.2014 - Mr D J Emslie (Canada)
4th Placing in NZ Bred Stakes - Tauranga Kennel Assn - 11.10.2014 - Giselle Fletcher (NZ)
BEST IN GROUP - Wairarapa Kennel Assn - 16.11.2014 - Mrs V Hutton (NSW)
INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW, INT IN GROUP - Taranaki Non--Sporting/Utility - 30.11.2014 - Mr Robert Harbin (NSW)
BEST IN GROUP - East Coast Ladies Kennel Assn - 7.12.2014 - Mr Neville Jackson (Qld)
INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW - East Coast Ladies Kennel Assn - 7.12.2014 - Carole Long (NZ)
National Breed Leader - Dogs On Line (NZ)  # 5 Show Dog of the Year  
National Breed Leader - Dogs On Line (NZ) # 1 Best of Breed and
#2  Rising Star (as she no longer qualified in August when she turned 2)
RESERVE IN GROUP, INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP - Manawatu Kennel Assn - 17.1.2015 - Monika Blaha (Austria)
BEST IN GROUP, INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP - Kapi Mana Kennel Soc - 18.1.2015 - Mr Colin Seymour (NSW)
INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP - Horowhenua Kennel Ass - 14.02.2015 - Nancy Russell (USA)
INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP - Hamilton Kennel Ass- 07.03.2015 - Sally Baxter (Perth)
INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP - Hamilton Kennel Ass - 08.03.2015 - Roslyn Seare (QLD)
3rd in NZ Bred Stakes - Hamilton - 07.03.2015 - Sue MacDonald (Sth Africa)
INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW & INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP - Non Sporting/Utility - 30.05.2015 - Donna Wright (NZ)
INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP - Non Sporting/Utility - 30.05.2015 - Cathy Wallace (NZ)
INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP - Wellington Kennel Assn - 31.05.2015 - Dot Wilson (NZ)
RESERVE IN GROUP, INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP - Hauraki Canine Assn - 27.06.2015 - Mr Chris Woodrow (Qld)
INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP - Upper Hutt - 1.08.2015 - Mrs D Paterson (SA)
INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW & INTERMEDIATE IN GROUP - Pencarrow - 2.08.2015 - Mrs L Carleton (NZ) & Mrs S Schwerdt (SA)
BEST IN GROUP/OPEN OF GROUP - Rotorua - 29.08.2015 - Mrs D Riley (NZ)
BEST IN GROUP/OPEN OF GROUP - National Prelude Show - 01.10.2015 - Bernadette Lawton (Melbourne)



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 NZ CH Alpenspirit Ocean's Apart (Imp Can)



 Alpenspirit Ocean's Eleven

Anastasia Summers In Dillon
CH Alpenspirit Autumn Beauty
CAN CH Dourakine's Spirit of Rock CH Lac Brome Bach to Mtn Spirit
CH Mountain Spirit's Inspiration


 NZ CH Schallenberg Sweetest Thing

Multi BIS, BISS, Aust, AM, CAN, SWED, NDL, CH Zanzebern Defender Nalle Fender V T Rijkenspark (Imp NDL)
AUST CH Zanzebern Dancing Queen
NZ CH Anahera Chanticleer Sennenhof Hanspeter (Imp Can)
CH Zanzebern Topsy Turi (Imp Aust)



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