New Zealand


NZ CH Montreux of Schallenberg


Sire:AM CAN NZ & AUST CH Turi V Bernetta (Imp SWITZ)
Dam: NZ CH Brienz Altich Icemaiden
30 November 2001 - 8 August 2014 (just shy of his 13th birthday)

Monty - 2008

 Achievements:  Intermediate of Group 2004

Monty is our first Schallenberg puppy from Vevey and Turi - I knew the moment I saw him that we would be keeping him.  He is a sweet natured boy who loves cuddles and sleeping in...  He is an easy dog and a pleasure to own - he recently turned 11 years young and still acts like a puppy, although he has now taken to sleeping on our bed during the day - love my Monty man!!

Sadly old age was catching up on Monty, his mind was still willing but his body was just not able to do the things he still wanted to do.   He had lost a lot of weight although he was still eating well - loved his little chipolatas and Chunky Dog roll and because of the cold weather he had a flash jacket to wear to keep him warm.  Once we had him on his 4 legs he would still go outside to do his business and check the perimeter for any breaches. 

We had hoped Monty would see his 13th Birthday but sadly it wasn't to be and on Friday 8 August 2014, we held him close, whispered in his ear how much we loved him and thanked him for being such a gentleman to live with and sharing his happy smile with us every day - we were going to miss him so much but we knew it was time to let him run free and to be reunited with his mum, Vevey.

Making this decision is never easy, but it is the one thing we can do for our much cherished family member and we did not want to see Monty in any pain.

Monty Man - we miss you so much - thank you for sharing your life with us, for your smiley face and big brown eyes, the household is not the same without you, Dante is missing you too






Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 AM CAN AUST & NZ CH Turi V Bernetta (Imp SWITZ)



 Dalton V D Helvetiern AM Erbach

 Iwan V D Holderstockhohe
 Marylou Vom Erbachbrunnen
 Onda V Bernetta  Erco Vom Zalgli
 Nella V Bernetta


 NZ CH Brienz Altich Icemaiden

 NZ CH Nordic ZinZan  NZ CH Makker Nordic Frey (Imp AUST)
 Zanzebern Nordelingen (Imp AUST)
 Silvretta Snow Crystal  NZ CH Moritz Courtney CD
 NZ CH Sennenhund Sarine



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