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NZ CH Schallenberg Sweetest Thing



Sire: AM CAN SWED AUST CH Zanzebern Defender (Aust)
Dam: NZ CH Anahera Chanticleer

 2 March 2007 - 15 October 2017 - Histio 
Hips: 2:2   Elbows: 0:1

VWDI - Clear - DM - Clear

 Dog of the Year 2008
Xmas 2008
Dante - New Plymouth 2009
Achievements: Baby Puppy of Group - 2007
                       Reserve of Group/Junior of Group -  2008
                       Best of Breed Winner - National Dog Show 2008
                       Bernese Mountain Dog of the Year (TOP DOG) - 2008
                       Junior Bernese Mountain Dog of the Year - 2008
                       Gold Certificate of Merit - 50 Challenges                      
                       NZ Bred of Group - 2009
                       2 x Junior of Group - 2009
                       6 x Intermediate of Group - 2009
                       2 x Reserve of Group/Intermediate of Group - 2009
                       Intermediate in Show - Bernese Mountain Dog Champ Show - 2009/10
                       Intermediate in Show - Hawkes Bay - 2009
                       Intermediate of Group - Kapi Mana - 2010
                       Intermediate in Show - Tokoroa - 2010
                       NZ Bred of Group - Waipawa - 2010
                       NZ Bred of Group - Wanganui - 2010
                       NZ Bred of Group - Wanganui - 2010
                       NZ Bred in Show - Wanganui - 2010
                 Bernese Mountain Dog of the Year (TOP DOG) - 2009
                   Intermediate Bernese Mountain Dog of the Year - 2009
                      Open of Group - Rotorua - 2010
                     The first Bernese in New Zealand to be awarded
                the PLATINUM CERTIFICATE OF MERIT - 100 challenges
Dante has exceeded all our expectations in the show ring especially but also in producing some gorgeous puppies (with Otto's help of course).   She is a super bitch and loves cuddles and sleep in's in the weekends when she can curl up in bed beside me.  She is bossy like her mum Summer and loves to play soccer.  She holds a very special place in our hearts and lives!
She is one of New Zealand's top winning Berners, but sadly she has now retired from the show ring after having puppies.
She whelped her first litter at the end of 2010 to Otto and gave us 4 beautiful puppies - 3 boys and 1 girl - we had a hard time deciding which one to keep as we were very pleased with all of them - we kept Kobi from this litter.
Dante whelped her second litter in August 2012 - again to Otto and we have 4 beautiful pups - 3 boys and 1 girl.  This time we were looking at keeping a girl and Fergie decided she had to stay!  So glad she did - she is so much like her mum and brother Kobi.
Dante is a bitch of good breed type.  She is well angulated in the forequarter and moderately angulated in the hindquarter.  She has strong bone with good sized feet, good top line and her movement is excellent!

Sadly I had to say goodbye to my Precious just 2 weeks after saying goodbye to her son Kobi - I have to wonder if he needed her more then I did and I can smile knowing they are together and Dante will be looking after our sweet boy but my heart is broken and shattered into a thousand pieces - she was my everything - my soul mate, my confidant, always by my side, morning cuddles on the bed, always waiting to hear my news when I got home from a show and the one who made my day light up when I saw her sweet face.  She took me on a ride I could never imagine and the bond we shared was like no other, I didn't need to say anything, I just had to look at Dante and I swear she knew what I was thinking.  

"I didn't know today would be our last, or that I'd have to say goodbye to you so fast.  I'm so numb, I can't feel anymore.  Prayin' you'd just walk back through the door.  And tell me I was only dreamin', you're not really gone as long as I believe.  You always made my troubles feel so small.  And you were always there to catch me when I'd fall.  In a world where heroes come and go.  Well God took the only one I know.  So I'll hold you as close as I can, longing for the day when I see your face again." - Jealous of the Angels by Donna Taggart 

Run free my Precious Bunnie - xxxx


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 Nalle Fender V T Rijkenspark (Imp NDL)

 Xtralarge Van De Weyenberg (BLG)
 Gamay Genny V T Rijkenspark (Switzerland)
 AUST CH Zanzebern Dancing Queen  DAN & SWD CH Bauernhofs Odd (SWD)
 AUST CH Bernerbakkens Amber Autumn (Imp NWY)


 NZ CH Anahera Chanticleer

 Sennenhof Hanspeter (Imp CAN)  Sennenhof Dursli
 Andra Vom Granzweg (SWI)
 NZ CH Zanzebern Topsy Turi (Imp AUST)  AM CAN AUST & NZ CH Turi V Bernetta (Imp SWITZ)
 AUST & NZ CH Zanzebern Chiquitita



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